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Levels Training

Welcome to Chicago Canine Levels Training! These Levels classes are meant to be a more adaptable way for puppy training and adult training, compared to a traditional 6 week class. This works by offering an unlimited training session during your enrollment with Chicago Canine.

By eliminating the traditional 6-week structure you and your dog will never have to adhere to a strict schedule or worry about make-up fees. We offer a large variety of classes in all categories.

HOW LEVELS WORK: Instead of picking one class to take for 6 weeks, our Levels obedience classes will not require you to enroll your canine in Levels Training.  The length of your enrollment is your choice; we offer 1- month, 2-month, 4 month, and 6 month membership packages. During your enrollment, you may attend as many class sessions as you wish as long as the class is at your canine appropriate Level. For example: you are busy and make your usual Level-1 scheduled class. You can attend another Levels-1 class during the week. Unlimited classes and built-in flexibility makes this program fit into your life and schedule, not the other way around!

If you and your dog are over-achievers- you can attend more classes per week-and even use a few sessions as “practice”- then progress more quickly! This has proven more effective than our other “traditional offerings”. The Levels offer you the potential to achieve more in your own timeframe!

GRADUATION/LEVEL-UP: Since there is no formal schedule to your enrollment moving up to the next level is dependent on your canine’s individual progress. What this means is that you and your dog will be able to learn at your own pace and your dog can level-up as soon as they meet their corresponding level’s goals. As long as your dog completes the requirements of the level, regardless of the time it takes to do so, they will advance to the next LEVEL!

If at any time you feel you or your dog could benefit from “brushing up” on a skill or lesion from any previous level, our unlimited structure allows you to do that freely within your enrollment.

GOALS & REQUIREMENTS: Regardless of prior knowledge or previous training, all dogs are required to start in Level 1. This is to ensure that you and your dog’s foundational knowledge will set them up for success as they advance through the Levels. When you and your dog confidently complete all requirements for the current level, they will have the opportunity to move up to the next level.

LEVEL 1: BEGINNER – Introduction to the “Clicker”

Goals include but are not limited to:

·         Learning basic commands with the “clicker”
·         Basic Commands: Sit & Down
·         Focus Work: Canine pays attention to owner and clearly responds to their name
·         Discuss Potty Training & Proper Crate Use
·         Address unwanted behavior such as jumping & play biting
·         Intro to Proper leash walking 

REQUIREMENTS TO LEVEL-UP: Canine begins to respond to “clicker” can obey sit & down on command, knows their name and will look at the owner when their name is called.


Goals include but are not limited to:

·         Intro  to proper Leash walking i.e. loose leash with mild distractions
·         Pay attention to owner when other dogs walk by
·         Introduction to Stay & Recall
·         Learning to reward behavior with the “clicker”
·         Canine must do 1 minute sit & stay
·         Address behavioral problems such as barking, digging, chewing, etc.

REQUIREMENTS TO LEVEL-UP: Canine can walk on a loose leash with good attention to the owner without pulling on the leash, dog can recall on lead with small distractions.

LEVEL 3: DISTRACTION WORK- Introduction to verbal commands without “clicker”

Goals include but are not limited to:

·         Learn to heel on verbal command (this includes sit and down position)
·         Loose leash walking with many distractions
·         Automatically sit when owner comes to a stop
·         Recall work at longer distances (dog to come & sit directly in front of owner)
·         Stay on leash with distractions (both sit & down)
·         Respond to commands at a distance 

REQUIREMENTS TO LEVEL-UP: Canine can do a 2 minute stay and a 3 minutes down-stay with a small amount of distractions. Dog can heel past other dogs on a loose leash (draped over the owner’s shoulder), and dog can be recalled from 20 feet with distractions.


Goals include but are not limited to:

·         Emergency down and recall
·         No leash heeling, right turn, left turn, and about turn
·         Dog must heal 50 paces
·         Sit in motion
·         Down in motion
·         Recall to front
·         Finish heel
·         Work on all CGC exercises (3 week CGC prep class can be taken in addition to this LEVEL)
·         Down stay for 15 minutes with owner at a distance of 15 paces with distraction

REQUIREMENTS TO LEVEL-UP: Canine must be able to heel off leash past other dogs, sit down stay, in motion, including distractions. Canine can be recalled off lead from 30 feet away past distractions.

Please note: Level 5 & Level 6 are optional. Owner and Canine should determine which level to pursue.


Goals include but are not limited to:

·         Refine all commands-canine responds to all with no hesitation
·         Canine must have ability to heel while in a crowd of people
·         Long sit and down under heavy distractions
·         Heeling off leash, at side with no forging or lagging behind
·         Long sit and down at a distance
·         Recall from a distance


Goals include but are not limited to:

·         AKC & CGC titles
·         BH (Behavioral Handler) title
·         Completing all obstacles in an agility ring
·         Earn titles based on obedience, agility, protection, and nose work. 

Studies show that dogs will always do better with more training. That is why we offer a 6-month membership in LEVELS. You and your dog can continue your education/enrollment to reach your potential to be the best you both can be. Once you have completed your Chicago Canine LEVELS we offer a large variety of additional classes and activities to continue to cultivate the bond between you and your canine!

PRICING FOR CHICAGO CANINE COMPANY LEVELS - Pricing per 45 class decreases as you increase your time and membership package:

·         1- month = $350 –unlimited, cost/class if attending average of 4 classes/week= $21.85
·         2- month = $625 – unlimited, cost/class if attending average of 4 classes/week = $19.75
·         3-month= $900 – unlimited cost/class if attending average of 4 classes/week = $18.75