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Reliable Dog Sitting With Trained Professionals

Raising dogs is rewarding, but it can be difficult to manage when you have to travel or you are away for long hours every day. When you need dependable dog sitting, turn to Chicago Canine Company, LLC in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to offering obedience training, we have a board-and-train option for clients who want their dogs to work with a professional trainer all week long.

Dog Training

All dogs receive an initial evaluation, and depending on the behavior modification needs, you can then enroll in one-on-one training sessions or group classes. All breeds are welcome, and we guarantee our work because we know that all dogs will reflect the hard work and effort you put in. Positive obedience training includes:

Sit | Down | Stay | Come | Leave It | Place | Free


Dog Skills Exhibition

IPO Training & PSA Training

If you want PSA (Protection Sports Association) training or IPO (Schutzhund) training for your dog, we've got you covered. Protection training is a form of advanced obedience training for competitions, and our team will work hard to ensure your dog receives a title.

Sports training requires ongoing work to ensure the dog remains precise and militant. Training can start as early as 5 months old and it typically lasts up to 18 months. All dogs must be at least 15 months old to obtain a BH and 18 months old to obtain an IPO title. There are no age requirements to obtain any titles in PSA. We will work with any dog that has the drive to do it.

Day Care & Boarding

Indoor day care & boarding is available during the day and overnight. Dogs who board with us will get to socialize with other dogs. They also get 20-minute walks and remain on a regular feeding schedule. During the initial consultation, please let us know if your dog needs any special accommodations. Boarding is charged at a single daily fee, and pick-up services are available.

A copy of updated vaccinations, rabies shot, and a clear fecal exam dated within 1 year must be provided before entry to Daycare.

*All dogs must be people and dog friendly in order to attend the free daycare weekend.

Board & Train

Our 30 day Board and Train program includes our full boarding services, plus training for behavior modifications. During this course, we will work with your dog for eight hours every day, which includes one-hour training sessions and rest intervals. We welcome everyone into this program, and we can conduct it while you are at work, school, or traveling.